Sunday, January 22, 2012

Historie del S. D. Fernando Colombo; nelle quali s'ha particolare, et vera relatione della vita, et de' fatti dell'Ammiraglio D. Christoforo Colombo, suo padre

And this said, two hours before midnight, the Admiral being on the sterncastle, saw a light on land, but he says that it was a thing so occluded that he dares not affirm it might be land; still, he called one Pietro Guttieres, Credentiere to the Catholic King, and told him to look if he might see said light and he responded that he saw it, so immediately they called on Rodrigo Sanches de Segovia that he might look towards that part, but he could not see it because he did not climb up so quickly to where it might be seen. Nor did they see it thereafter, save once or twice; because of this they reckoned that it could be a candle or torch of fishermen or travelers who were raising and lowering the said light, or that haply they were passing from one house to another; whereas it disappeared and re-turned suddenly with such quickness, that few by this sign believed it to be near land.

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