Tuesday, June 5, 2012

“The Lacondón Song of the Jaguar,” dictated by Mateo García to Phillip and Mary Baer, trans. Edgar Garcia

my backpaws I lift and let fall
my forepaws I lift and bring down that
which always stirs my tail
to hear from far off your voice coming this way
almost stupefying
I look for and find myself a fallen tree
to stoop over into sleep
its strips merge into my hide
its strips merge into my forepaws
its strips merge into my ears


  1. Philip and Mary Baer: "The song given here is sung by the Lacondón Indians of Chiapas when a person meets a jaguar on the trail in the jungle. The rhythm of the song is imitative of the walk of the jaguar. It is believed that when the animal hears the song it will go away."

  2. Jaime de Angulo:

    I never was a man.
    I kill men.
    In the shadow of the bush I kill men.
    I the panther who never was a man.
    I the panther will come to-night.