Thursday, January 24, 2013

Josh Stanley, "Werewolf With," from Cinema Trip

Werewolf With:       Each of us has the little name of a god,
                                    non-money in love barking over the sod.
                                    At the end of my teeth is another way to live:
                                    star muesli shared, we receive each time we give.
                                    I keep needing it beyond the infinity,
                                    name names name, oil the joint you give to me
                                    broken like a T of red and black money
                                    gargoyle snort farm land in simple fee
                                    gave do past part market dominance
                                    luck not the name of prophecy –
                                    for all the dead to life do in fire dance,
                                    hell-bent utile res household life negativity.
                                    Putting spirits in the angels. The clouds. Head out at first chance.
                                    Searchlight comes early with Old Capital’s advance.

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