Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elena Glasberg, from "'Living Ice:' Rediscovery of the Poles in an Era of Climate Crisis"

Even in the post-heroic era, heroic routines and stances continue to provide impetus for geopolitical strategies as well as critiques of their limitations. Climate crisis panic over the ruin of the environment refers back to a heroic agency of rescue from the very circumstances that have produced the need for a rescue from climate crisis in the first place. 


Anthrocentered technologies and practices, including postcolonial and feminist-inspired movements to include non-Europeans and woman actors that carry over into fields and realms, like Antarctica, for which they are not inevitable or a given, implicate the possibility of a future that is discontinuous from the past circumstances that produce them. Perhaps in following this discontinuous, at time self-creating and at other times self-erasing path, there is a chance for ice to be just ice.

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