Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enrique Escalona, "Tlacuilo"

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  1. "Ten or more years ago, Enrique Escalona made a fine 60-minute video of this codex, reconstructing how the first page was written/drawn with immense skill; contrary to all expectation, it actually became something of a commercial success, above all in provincial cinemas. Escalona had as a consultant Joaquín Galarza, who did a great job on the whole, though it is interesting to see how Galarza’s insistence on Nahuatl phonetics in reading the codex both illuminates and in certain ways reduces the text, the visual language of the codices having much more to offer, as we’ve been saying, than can be easily rendered phonetically. Again, that misguided notion that the alphabet was the great step forward in the experience of humankind, as if there were no matching loss." -- Gordon Brotherston