Friday, February 14, 2014

William Carlos Williams, XXIII, from Spring and All

The veritable night
of wires and stars

the moon is in
the oak tree’s crotch

and sleepers in
the windows cough

athwart the round
and pointed leaves

and insects sting
while on the grass

the whitish moonlight

assumes the attitudes
of afternoon—

But it is real
where peaches hang

recalling death’s
long-promised symphony

whose tuneful wood
and stringish undergrowth

are ghosts existing
without being

save to come with juice
and pulp to assuage

the hungers which
the night reveals

so that now at last
the truth’s aglow

with devilish peace
forestalling day

which dawns tomorrow
with dreadful reds

the heart to predicate
with mists that loved

the ocean and the fields—
Thus moonlight

is the perfect
human touch

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