Thursday, February 2, 2012

Iktomi Farts Himself Into Space (Rosebud Sioux), transcribed by Richard Erdoes

One day, so they say, Iktomi was digging up timpsila (wild turnips) to make into soup. The timpsila told him: You better watch out, if you eat us, you'll fart a lot."

"Farting is very pleasant. It makes everybody laugh. It makes me feel good."

"Have it your way," said the timpsila. So Iktomi ate them. He became very bloated. His belly swelled up like that of a pregnant woman in her ninth month. "Oh, oh," Iktomi whined, "I have a belly ache. I am about to burst. It will tear me apart. This will kill me!"

Then Iktomi began to fart thunderously. He farted so loud that people miles away said to each other: "A thunderstorm is coming."

Iktomi came to a village. He was still farting. The stench was so bad that the people called: "Ow, ow, we are suffocating!" People fainted. One old feeble person was stunk to death.

Iktomi's farts were powerful. Each time he broke winds, it lifted him up - one foot, two feet, three feet. "Ow, ow!" he cried, "these farts are shredding my onze (anus) to pieces. Ow, ow, I am farting my guts out! I should have listened to those timpsila. Onze yugmuza, I must keep a tight hole back there."

But he could not keep it tight. A buffalo bull came charging up behind him. Iktomi's farts blew the buffalo away - far, far off. 

Then Iktomi let out a very powerful fart and it lifted him up to the top of a very tall tree. "Oh, my, how will I ever get down from here?" Iktomi wailed. But there burst out of him the mightiest fart ever farted. Iktomi tried to hold on to the treetop. He held on to the tree so that he uprooted it. Up, up, up went Iktomi and the tree together. Iktomi had to let go of the tree. The mightiest fart was also the longest. It lasted and lasted. It wafted Iktomi high into the sky, high above the clouds. At last, this fart's final burst blasted Iktomi right out of this world. He has not come back yet.

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