Monday, February 13, 2012

Sun Ra, "Differentiation," "Angelic Brothers," "Cosmic Query," "Fragments of the Alter-Future," and "Of Variable Universe," The Immeasurable Equation

Where am I now?
I am where I am before
An alter-fate of differentiated ways
From differential weighs
An alter-fate of differential weighs
From differentiated ways
Where am I now?
In the midst of uncharted field
I feel the fill-potential own
On the on-way … onward
On word
Where am I now?
No one knows
Not even I,
Yet I am here
If there is a friend to hear
My voice
I speak as the   on voice
Own-rhythm; own harmony
own melody
Plane-potential infinity – Is.

*          *          * 

Knowledge can not know me
And wisdom cannot describe
The delicate mystery of love
For you are my friends
I call you friends
Angelic brothers
For of the world of
That which is not to the world
The unknown-twin dimension-being.
Are you as I am Other Eternal To Be. 

*          *          *

Why should a god visit earth
If to be only a slave to man
Why should a man be a slave to man
If only to be a slave to man
Or a man to God
Or a god to man?
If only to be within a state
Unnatural to his natural self
Or alter-self

*          *          * 

Fragments of the vice-future I give to you
Put them together as you natural – know
Put them together as you natural do if you can
Fragments of the alter-isnes I give to you
To have and hold accordingly until the vice-similarity of
The until the before there was.

*          *          *

Of variable universe
And one feels is not what words express:
The never-plane, the alter-ever on-out
Inexpressible Infinity


  1. Rane Arroyo, The Roswell Poems:

    "My father stirred us up and I tried
    hearing him and I thought I was awake
    when he showed us the alien scraps
    including the hieroglyphics, the symbols
    representing something, almost half
    Aztec and half mathematics and I asked—
    am I dreaming or is this happening?"

  2. Roberto Tejada: "unto shores kept safe between the pages / 
of an ark outlive us"